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Citrus Stripe Decor

This beach house on Fire Island, New York was designed by Alexandra ANGLE Interior DESIGN.  Love the bold citrus colors against all the white.  Notice how every room has something stripey…

On another note, I looked up Fire Island as I’ve never heard of it.  Generally, I don’t think of New York and beaches together.  However, I’m highly considering adding this place as a future destination – gorgeous looking beaches.

Images:  Alexandra ANGLE Interior DESIGN


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Art + Bathrooms

Good Morning blogland friends!  This weekend I had a great balance of work and play.  How about your weekend?  We spent part of a day working on what is to be my vegetable garden (maybe flowers too).  Last year I opted not to plant one because my 2nd daughter was born just months before.  But this year I’m ready and excited to plant.  My husband rented a tiller to flip and whip the dirt around – some in landed in my eye!  With that done, I will need to focus this week on raking all of the grass and weeds out – and boy, is there alot!  I think this year I am going to try something a bit different in combating the weeds and use weed cloth to cover the area (except the planting rows, of course).

I also continued work on moving and adding artwork around my house.  Two works of art were added – one in the kitchen and one in the nursery.  While cleaning out his parents home, my husband came across a beautiful piece of work that his father had painted (he was such a wonderful artist).   In the nursery, I framed and matted an adorable elephant card that we received from a family member congratulating us on the birth of our 2nd daughter.  I love how both pieces have meaning behind them.

I’ve also been thinking about a large area over our master bathtub that could really use some artwork – but nothing I’ve come across works for that space.  I decided to look for further inspiration and came across 5 glamorous bathrooms.  Interestingly enough, none of them have any actual paintings or prints hanging on the wall – yet there is art in each one.  Take a look…

Love the skulls in the glam rock bathroom above!

Images:  House to Home


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Shower Curtains and Venice



I still have a bathroom that needs a shower curtain (we have been in our house for 2 years now!).  I think I’m undecided as to what style direction to take the bathroom in.  The above shower curtains from Anthropologie show exactly my problem – should I go fun and colorful or feminine and spa like?


Or how about this Venice Shower Curtain?  This gives me an urban feel – even with the gondola.

Images: Anthropologie, Bunny Maxwell

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