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House to Home Bedrooms

Hello Peeps!  Oh my, was this weekend ever so busy and dramatic!  Not to mention, the week hasn’t been any different.  I don’t think that we’ve had one this jam packed in a long time; with activities going all the way up to late Sunday evening.  Much of our time has been spent preparing our previous home for leasing out.  While I think we’ve accomplished a lot, I don’t feel very rested.  To make matters worse, next week is also filled with tons of appointments and things to do.  Ugh.  So is life.  And so my mind has been on bedrooms and the fantasy of just laying around and doing nothing.  Here are some sleeping beauties…

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Images:  House to Home


March 15, 2012   No Comments

Parisian + Moroccan

The topic of strange gifts came up the other day and I really had to think about any unusual (and I don’t mean that in a good way) gifts that I’ve received.  Honestly, I can’t think of anything that falls under weird – but I have had people give me used stuff and then try to pass it off as brand new.  I’m not sure why they felt compelled to do this as I buy used items all the time!

Take a look at this Parisian home that has a Moroccan flavor.  It incorporates the old (including used items) with new and simply looks stunning!

Tooth Update:  I must say that I have the best dentist ever!  He had a huge task ahead of him last night by having to redo someone else’s poor work.  Numbing this tooth was no easy job and required lots of anesthetic which made me pass out momentarily (I’m sure the anxiety didn’t help either!).  I’m so glad that this is all over and behind me.

Images: Le Journal de la Maison


February 29, 2012   No Comments

Luxurious Bedding

It’s that time of year when I seem to spend more time in bed.  What exactly am I doing?  Wouldn’t you like to know (wink, wink)!  Well if you must… I’m watching tv, reading, eating, surfing, and generally sleeping longer than I probably should.  But hey, isn’t that what Fall and Winter are all about?   I think these beds are screaming for my attention.



Images:  House to Home


November 2, 2011   2 Comments

Family + Headboards

Good Morning blogland friends!  How was your weekend?  Hope all is well and bright where you live.  Yesterday was the first lazy Sunday I’ve had in a long time.  There were puzzles to be made and games to be played.  This past Monday my Uncle arrived from Europe and on Friday, his daughter (my cousin), her husband, and son also came to visit with us.  It was wonderful to catch up with everyone and so sad to see my cousin and her family leave last night (wish they could have stayed a bit longer…).  My Uncle will also leaving to go back home in a few more days.

The total number of people in my home this weekend (including ourselves) was 8.  It was the first time that all of the bedrooms were occupied – including the library which had an air mattress.  It was very reminiscent on my life growing up with people always coming and going.  Anyway, while we were figuring out the sleeping arrangements, the lack of a headboard in our bedroom came across my mind (don’t ask me to explain how my mind works – I don’t know).  This has been on my list (item #3 here) for many moons.  I have been wanting a farmhouse bed frame but since we got our dresser, I’m not so sure anymore.  I’ve never been a fan of too many large dark wood pieces in a room as it can make it feel heavy.  So I’m thinking about making my own fabric headboard.  While this project would have to wait until the Spring (I’ve got too many other project going on now), I’m kind of excited about it.  Plus, it’s going to take me some time to find the right fabric.  So far, here are two that I like…

I’m thinking that this idea will cost less than the $1500 I was looking to spend on the farmhouse frame.   Let’s see where this takes me…

Images:  thelennox.com, House Beautiful


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Elle Decor Rustic Chic

Good morning friends!  Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was safe and wonderful.  Mine was a mixed bag of emotions.  It was interesting to have Thanksgiving dinner at my house for the first time.  I made the turkey, the dessert, and all of the sides but one.  There was no rushing to get anywhere or worry that we would be late.  But with that came the realization of why it was different this year.

The most enjoyable part of my day (aside from being with my family) was the baking of the turkey.  While the turkey baked, we sat in front of the tv with magazines, newspapers, and books.  I am now almost caught up with all my readings (I’m sure that won’t last as I just ordered more books!).

I also did alot of thinking about rustic chic decor and my bedroom.  I have been contemplating making my own little office in the bedroom and updating the bedspread to a more wintery feel.  And rustic chic decor just feels right!  I imagine a smoky gray bedspread and a white desk with a mid-century chair.  So luck would have it, as I shopped over the weekend, I found the soft smoky gray blanket I was thinking about.  Amazing what a change of a bedspread can do for a room – it feels so very different and wonderful!  Next, I will work on the table and chair to determine if that’s where I really want to go.  Here are the inspiration photos from Elle Decor

Images:  Elle Decor


November 29, 2010   No Comments

Branches in the Bedroom

The last few mornings, my daughter, baby, and I have been walking around our property enjoying the morning birds while looking for just the “right” tree branch. I’ve been looking for a narrow birch tree branch that stands roughly 6′ tall.   Unfortunately, we don’t have any that grow on our property so I will have to improvise.   I’m thinking about putting this branch in my daughters room as part of the decor.

I’m not sure exactly why I’m so drawn to this look.  Of course, part of the reason is that it’s bringing a bit of the outdoors in.  But there’s more to it than that – to me, it’s also a piece of artwork in the room.  Take a look at these…

I love how this branch has been suspended from the ceiling.  How I would have been elated to have this in my room as a child!  Do you see the white doves that have been added?

Here, branches have been added to the light fixture, used as the support for the canopy, and a window swag.  Does this look excite you?

Images:  Rom123


August 20, 2010   2 Comments

Bloomingdale’s + Happy Weekend!

Last night when my husband came home, he raced in, mentioned something about a Perseid meteor shower, and then raced back outside.  I finished the article I was working on, poured a drink, and headed out.  By the time I sat down next to my husband, he explained that he had already seen about 5 meteors dart across the sky.  I laid back and just watched.  As my vision adjusted to the night sky, I could not believe how many twinkling stars were visible.  Then – zoom!  I saw two meteors shoot across the sky.  This was absolutely amazing!

The temperature outside was perfect and there was an ever so slight breeze that occasionally came and went.  I felt completely in the moment and at peace – which was really needed after a stressful week.   We were so relaxed that I had a slight concern we would fall asleep outside.  Maybe if we had the below Bloomingdale’s bed (as advertised in Lonny Magazine), I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.  How pretty is this bedding?

Our family has lots of plans this weekend that include an airshow, a back to school outdoor party, shopping, and much more.  Hope your weekend is everything you hoped it would be!  See you next week for more inspired designs and finds!

Images:  Lonny Magazine, Bloomingdale’s


August 13, 2010   No Comments

Minimalist Bedrooms

I always wonder what my house would look like if I didn’t periodically de-clutter.   What if I didn’t regularly tend to the “hot spots” in my house such as the mudroom where we come in and drop off our shoes, hats, bags, and anything else we might be carrying in.  I really don’t even want to imagine.  That is why today I spent time purging my daughters toys.  While she doesn’t have a huge collection, I feel the need to cycle her toys and keep them in check.

In recent years, I’ve been striving to live as close to a minimalist life.  For me, that means not keeping items around that I don’t love or need.  While I am no where near meeting this goal, I accept that I may never achieve this goal 100% – but I hope to never give up trying.  And when I feel I need inspiration to keep moving forward with this philosophy, I turn to House to Home and Skona Hem.  Here are some of their minimalist bedrooms…






For me, keeping the bedroom clutter free is really important – with the living room a close 2nd.  It just brings (and keeps) me feeling at peace.

Have an excellent weekend!

Imgaes:  House to Home, Skona Hem (last photo)

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