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Bedroom Inspiration for Teens (and me!)

I have to admit that I am really envious of what teen girls have available to them these days.  Cell phones (OMG, could you imagine what the 80’s would have been like?), DVR’s (I had to manually record things over and over on the same cassette tape),  the internet (I’m not sure we would have really understood this, we were trying to still figure out how a fax worked), and Teen Vogue.  I was BIG into reading magazines during my teen years.  Just about every dollar I had was spent on Pepsi, chocolate, and magazines.  Sometimes my friend and I would get disappointed when we would show up at the local store and realize that there were no new issues – sometimes we had read all of the new releases the first week they were out.  But the reason I’m most envious is that some magazines like Teen Vogue, incorporate interior decor.  I can’t think of any magazine in the 80’s that was geared towards teens and had a section on interior design.  How I would have loved this magazine!  Seriously, checkout these bedrooms…

The desk in the photo above looks very similar to the one I have!  And what a cool inspiration board.  I have so many clippings from magazines that I have been thinking about starting one near my workspace.

If the above comforter came in a King size, I would buy it.  So pretty.  By the way, the bedding and pillows you are seeing in these photos are available at JCPenny (search under ‘Teen Vogue’).

Wait a minute.  Were we just looking at teen spaces?  Love, love, love it.

Images:  Teen Vogue


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I Want to Grow Up Here Part II

Good Monday morning to everyone!  Did you accomplish all that you wanted to this weekend?  My answer is usually no – but I did spend a great deal of time with my kids which is always wonderful.  On Saturday, I took my oldest to the library as it was time to return our books and check out some new ones.  Our library has a childrens section with toys and puzzles.  As soon as we got there, she saw the children and ran to them.  I sat nearby looking through books trying to determine which to sign out.  A few minutes later a mom came up to me and asked, “is the little girl yours?”.  I immediately started apologizing for any annoyance my daughter may have caused.  She shook her head and said that she wanted to let me know that the two boys my daughter was playing with were hers.  She continued to explain that her youngest son had Autism and that she worked 40 hours a week with him.  I sat and listened, puzzled where she was going with all this.  Her son who generally shied away from kids was playing with my daughter.  “Your daughter has opened up my son – it’s wonderful to see progress!”, she said with glossy eyes.  “I just wanted to let you know”.  I could have cried for so many reasons – for the step forward her son made, for the evident hard work this woman invested each week, and for her happiness.  It was a great Saturday!

We left off last week with kids bedrooms and I want to continue that today.  Would you like to join me?  While I’m not currently working on either of my kids rooms, I like to keep ideas and inspirations flowing.  I can remember thumbing through youth designs for the fun and color even before having children.  Ok, are you ready?  Here we go…

I love colorful stripy rugs!  As the article in Skona Hem suggests, this room can be for kids anywhere from 5 to 15.

A dreamy dress-up room for girls.  Checkout the light fixture and pink chair…so glam!

I like that the toys in this photo are on shelves.  While there is a definite need for toy boxes, I do enjoy displaying toys (I have them in my living room).

The table and chairs look just like the Kritter style available at Ikea – only painted turquoise.

Images:  Skona Hem, Hus and Hem (last image)


January 17, 2011   3 Comments

I Want to Grow Up Here Part I

Be prepared for photo overload today.  I was checking out inspirational kids rooms at Vtwonen and seriously had a hard time choosing just a few.

Ok, how cool would it be to grow up in the room above?  Wonderful lighting pouring in, a bookcase that goes to the ceiling, and a funky rug – everything a girl (me) wants.  Oh, and a lime green rocking chair to finish it off.

Where can I get that wallpaper and lamp shade?  Everything (including the coffee mug) works so well in this room.

I did warn you that there were alot of photos?

Another great lamp shade (and lamp base) above.  I’m assuming this one was handmade as the pattern follows the comforter.

Images:  Vtwonen


January 13, 2011   3 Comments

Pottery Barn Kids

I got my Pottery Barn Kids catalog weeks ago and finally was able to flip through the pages last night.  With all that has happened the past few weeks, I just haven’t been in the mood to think about Halloween.  But this catalog brought my spirits up.  So many wonderful children in costume and the decorations – how can one not smile.  I haven’t decided on a costume for my daughters yet but I think I need to get moving on this.  I really look forward to the day that they tell me what they would like to dress up as.

Since September, I’ve been in the mood for homemade butternut squash soup – especially after looking through the this catalog.  I’ve been searching the web for a good recipe, but many recipes contain onions.  While I love onions, I can’t say I’ve ever noticed them in the squash soups I’ve eaten (but I’m not sure).   If you happen to have a yummy squash recipe that you’d like to share, send it my way!  I have 3 large ones waiting to be eaten.

Images:  Pottery Barn Kids, House of Many Hues Collage


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How charming are these wall stickers by Mimi’lou?  French designer and artist Miriam Derville began as an art director in Paris creating advertisements for large companies.  At home, she started drawing animals on the bedroom walls for her children.  Soon everyone who saw the drawings wanted one too and so emerged her decals.  Miriam is said to be inspired by children and poetry.

String of Pearls

Bird Wall Border

Cherry Blossom

I’d love to put one of these in my daughters room.  Unfortunately, I am really disappointed that I can’t find a US based website/shop that carries any of the above designs.  Her website shows ABC Home as a source, but I couldn’t find it listed anywhere.  Just my luck!

Images:  Mimi’lou


August 26, 2010   1 Comment

L’Affiche Moderne

Two years ago today, I woke up at 6am feeling a bit strange.   I woke my husband up to let  him know my symptoms.  It was time.  I had gone into labor and was expecting our first child.  After two years of trying, a surgery, and hearts filled with lots of hope, we finally had a baby.  I am still amazed and in awe that we now have two beautiful little girls.

We plan to spend the early part of today celebrating our two year old’s birthday who I’m not sure quite understands the concept yet.  But that’s ok because we do.

With kids on the mind, I wanted to post something related to children’s decor and so I decided to share  L’Affiche Moderne.  They are a French limited edition poster shop specializing in children’s illustrators.  Typically each print/poster is limited to 300 editions.  If you get a moment, take a look at their wonderful selection of prints and posters – so very cute!

De la A à la Z!


Images:  L’Affiche Moderne


May 20, 2010   No Comments

Dwell Studio

The weekend is almost here and I am really excited about it!  Tomorrow, my husband and I, along with our girls are going on an 84 mile long rummage sale stretch.  People involved in selling are to bring their items to the front lawns and sidewalks of the main road.  I am hoping to come across some interesting finds – but even if I don’t, spending the day with my family will be fun enough.  This evening I plan on preparing the diaper bag along with all of the bottles that we will need tomorrow so that when we get up tomorrow, we can just go right out the door.   Ok, maybe it won’t be quite that easy, but I’m hopeful.

This upcoming week, my daughters bedroom set is due to arrive so I have been thinking about accessories for the room.  I went to the Dwell Studio website and found some really cute items.  My favorite is the tree rug below.  However, I’m not sure that it will work with what I have planned, but maybe I will revisit this posting and think about it.

Dwell Collage

(From Top Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  Tree Rug, Owls Sky Boudoir Pillow, Birds in Tree Wall Art, Transportation Storage Bin small, Dots Chocolate Bin Large)

Have a great weekend and remember – be creative and stay inspired!

Images:  Dwell Studio


April 30, 2010   No Comments

Kids Corner at Huset

If you’ve been looking for savvy and unique decor options for your child’s room, Huset has some great options for all budgets.  Huest, which means “the house” in Swedish, is a Scandinavian shop that offers a “collection of clean, clever, and contemporary items for modern living“.  Just wanted to quickly share some finds I came across…

Kids Plate

Animal Friends Cutlery

Poster 1

isak ABC Poster

Stool Collage

Defyra Speed Wood Ski Stool and Bengt & Lotta Stool – I really like the Ski stool, but its a bit out my price range!

Print V2Brokiga Kalas Print


Brokiga in a Line Pillow

Images:  Huset

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