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The Conran Shop

The unique bird lamp by The Conran Shop put such a smile on my face that I wanted to share it with you!  I wonder what cats think of this lamp?

Images: Conran


September 9, 2010   3 Comments

Lamp in a Box

What a House of Many Hues lamp would look like from Lamp in a Box:

I love the look so much I might just place the order!  Lamp in a Box offers you the ability to design your own table top lamp shade.  Choose a layout, upload a high resolution photo, and poof  – you have a unique signature lamp shade! Cost for the lamp shade is only $25 while the brushed nickel lamp base is $34.  Very reasonable.

Don’t have an image you want to upload?  Check out their original designs.

Images:  Lamp in a Box (with House of Many Hues color Tiles)


August 18, 2010   No Comments

Weekend Happenings + Stray Dog Designs

Over the last few years, I have purchased quite a few dvd’s.  Anytime I saw an ad for a movie that seemed interesting, I would buy the movie.  Of course, after doing this for a couple years, the number of movies bought and the number of movies actually watched were vastly different.  So about a year ago, I told my husband that I was not going to buy anymore dvd’s until I caught up with the ones I already had.

This weekend, I thought to take some time out and pick up one of the movies that had been patiently waiting for my viewing.  I picked The Family Stone.  If you haven’t seen the movie, there are a lot of big names in it – Sarah Jessica Parker (Meredith), Dermot Mulroney (Everett), Diane Keaton (Sybil), and Luke Wilson (Ben) just to name a few.  The premise of the movie is that Everett decides to bring his fiance, Meredith, home during Christmas to meet his family.  Meredith is a good person but a bit conservative and uptight while Everett’s family is very relaxed.  When Meredith arrives, she has difficulty fitting in and to make matters worse, Everett’s family isn’t making her feel very welcome.   The movie took a strange turn when Meredith, desperate for support, calls her sister to come to Everett’s family home.  I believe this movie is listed as a romantic comedy, but I found it to have little romance and no comedy.  In fact, for a good portion of the movie, I felt teary eyed and sad for Meredith.  Maybe it was because I could relate to how Meredith felt (minus the conservative and uptight part!).

I can remember being the “new” person in a group and encountering people such as Everett’s family.  I also remember going to someones home for Christmas and watching others open gifts knowing that there were none for me.  The feeling of leaving a room and knowing that people were talking about you or having the host/hostess really not acknowledge you can leave you feeling awkward and unwanted.   I’m not sure if these people intentionally were this way to me or just oblivious to their actions.

This leads me into the topic of creating a welcoming home with good hospitality.  All your hard work at making your home gorgeous can be lost without good old fashion hospitality and good spirit.  I think many people underestimate the value of good entertaining and etiquette.   It can make you and your home look that much more beautiful!

On a separate subject, our dog Hailey had to have emergency surgery yesterday on an abscess.  Between the sad movie and Hailey’s surgery, I needed some uplifting today and thought it was appropriate to share some beautiful light fixtures by Stray Dog Designs.

From left to right, top to bottom:  Alice PendantCandy Stripe Drum Pendant , Niki Pendant, Virginia Pendant

Hailey is recovering from her surgery and doing fine.  However, I’m still recovering from the not so great movie!

Images:  Stray Dog Design


May 17, 2010   2 Comments

Casamania Italy

This past Tuesday, our daughters bed finally arrived – and it looks better than I thought it would in her room!  Even the chair that I bought last weekend compliments the bed beautifully.  Last night I worked on washing all of the new bedding and continued to think of what was left to arrange and purchase in order to finish the room.  I start the list out with 1.  Hang artwork  2.  Buy nightstand  3.  Buy bookshelf  and  4.  Buy a floor lamp.  However, I think I will alter the last item to “Buy a nightstand lamp”.   I have been looking for sometime to buy a white wooden floor lamp.  Unfortunately, all of the lamps that I am enthusiastic about are very expensive – like over $300!  Not only that, with the bed in place now, I’m just not so excited about putting a floor lamp in the design anymore.  So I start my search from scratch and causally surf for lighting.  I then come across Casamania located in Italy.  This happens so often -  I begin searching for something specific and I always end up looking at items that are related, but not what I originally was looking for.  Does this happen to you?

Knit lampshade

While I can’t use this knit hanging lamp, I think this is really cute and will keep it in mind for future projects.

Table Lamp

Not a kids nightstand lamp, but nevertheless a beautiful table lamp.

Images:  Casamania


May 6, 2010   No Comments

Marie Christophe

My mood the last day or so can probably be best described as feeling quietly observant and tranquil.  I not sure if its because I haven’t been feeling so great the last week, but I’ve been wallowing in peace and loving it!  Generally when I start to feel this way, my creativity and inspiration also take off.  Last night, I got an overwhelming inspiration to revisit the work of a couple of my favorite artists.  I love getting reacquainted with my treasured artists because I seem to learn something new each time.   But equally enjoyable and enlightening,  is finding a new artist that you connect with.  While French artist Marie Christophe is not new to the art world, she is new to me.  I am completely drawn to her wire sculptures – especially her chandeliers because of their whimsical nature.


I love how she puts bright splashes of color in some of her chandeliers.

Have an artist you enjoy?  Or maybe your an artist and would like to share photos of your work.  Send me an email – I’d love to see it!

Images:  Marie Christophe


April 29, 2010   1 Comment

Laura Lights

Great lighting is so important in the design of any room.  And when you use beautiful looking fixtures, you have just added icing to the cake.   So when I came across Laura Lights handmade rice paper lamp shades, my heart jumped!  These lamp shades are not only stylish, but their look creates mood.

Just how does Laura make these dreamy shades?  “I start with a white paper called Kinwashi.  I use the “paper mache” method to make my lamp shades, wrap strips of papers around the lamp shade frame and when they dry, it forms a tight drum like structure”, says Laura.

I was also curious as to the amount of time it takes to make one.  Laura says, ” It depends on the complexity of the design, but on average it takes, from start to finish, about 3-4 hours to make one lamp shade.  But you have to consider I can start with as many as 12 and have to work on them in stages.  It’s like pottery, I start with a wet lampshade, have to let it dry and work on it in stages layering it.  While some are drying, I can work on designs for others”. Take a look at the stunning results…

Red Shades

Green Shades

Yellow Pot a Dot


Laura also sells her handmade lamps on Etsy.  Check her shop out under the name lauralights.

Images:  Laura Lights


April 19, 2010   No Comments

ABC Carpet & Home

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We were lucky enough to have the sun visit us all day yesterday – the sun always makes me smile and feel inspired.  This weekend, I was glad that my husband and I were able to continue discussions on places we would like to visit this year.  About a year and half ago, we went to New York City and since then I have been craving to go back.  During our last visit, I was fortunate to visit SoHo and get some shopping in.  I had gobs of fun going from one shop to the next even though it was freezing outside – that happens when you go in late November!   This time I should hope to go when its warmer and have a set plan of the shops to visit .  One place that will definitely be on the list is ABC Carpet & Home.  Even if I don’t buy anything, the experience of walking through its beautifully decorated store and eyeing out their products will be enough for me!  Are these items below stunning or what?

ABCHome Collage 1

Bokja Slipper Chair, Kilim Landscape Ottoman, Lucy by Judis lamps and shades


Bokja Bench

ABCHome Collage 2

John Robshaw Primrose Bolster, Stoneware Planter in fuchsia/white

ABCHome Collage 3

Bokja Oversize Chair, Glass Egg Pendant

The Italian made Glass Egg Pendant is one of my favorites.  However, the below light fixture featured on the front page of their website was even more interesting, but could not find it listed anywhere on their site.  I’ll shoot them an email to ask about this.  Maybe I missed something?


Images:  ABC Carpet & Home

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April 12, 2010   1 Comment