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Parisian + Moroccan

The topic of strange gifts came up the other day and I really had to think about any unusual (and I don’t mean that in a good way) gifts that I’ve received.  Honestly, I can’t think of anything that falls under weird – but I have had people give me used stuff and then try to pass it off as brand new.  I’m not sure why they felt compelled to do this as I buy used items all the time!

Take a look at this Parisian home that has a Moroccan flavor.  It incorporates the old (including used items) with new and simply looks stunning!

Tooth Update:  I must say that I have the best dentist ever!  He had a huge task ahead of him last night by having to redo someone else’s poor work.  Numbing this tooth was no easy job and required lots of anesthetic which made me pass out momentarily (I’m sure the anxiety didn’t help either!).  I’m so glad that this is all over and behind me.

Images: Le Journal de la Maison


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Danielle Thompson

Good morning friends!  I am feeling a bit sore today as I’ve been taking the girls sledding for the past few days (in the little snow we have in our yard).  I guess all the pulling, pushing, and tumbling has finally caught up to me!

I’m thinking I need to invest in a pair of snow pants for myself – at least that’s what my cold legs and wet pants have said.  When I mentioned this to my husband, he started laughing almost immediately.  Hey – why is that funny?  Me in snow pants?  I don’t get it.

Anyway, I spent sometime catching up on a few sites I enjoy and happen to realize that I never shared with you the work of Danielle Thompson (see website here).  How have I not mentioned Danielle before?  She is a woman of with many hats and is simply amazing.  She’s a photographer, a graphic artist, a blogger, and runs an etsy shop.  Her one line bio reads, “A girl and the pursuit of all things cute, kitschy and crafty“.

What’s really cool about Danielle is her passion for everything vintage and retro (you will immediately notice this on her site).  She even carries this into the decor of her home.  Check it out…

I am seriously considering getting a smaller version of this Christmas tree!  I love how the colors from the ornaments just pop against the white.

Images:  Danielle Thompson



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60 30 10 Decorating Rule

I must warn you that today I am on photo overload!  There were so many gorgeous pictures that I simply could not choose a few.  I’ve often wondered if there was a limit to the number of photos a Wordpresss entry could handle.  You’ll be happy to know (hopefully) that I have not hit that magical number (if one even exists).  Ok, now that I have officially provided you the warning and your still willing to continue reading, lets get started.  You may have heard of the 60 30 10 decorating rule or as some have called it the 3 color rule.  If not, it goes something like this:  60% of a rooms color comes from the walls, 30% comes from the upholstery of the furniture, and 10% is the sparkle or wow factor that usually comes from the accessories.  It has been said that many of the best decorated rooms including ones shown in home decor magazines generally follow this rule.  However, I may have a slight disagreement with the 10% portion in which some designers have stated that no more than 2 colors should be used.   Because really, how can one stick to only 3 or 4 colors in a room let alone to only 2 colors for accessories?  I believe that as long as you keep the accessories to 10%, there really are no number limitations to the colors that can be used.  The statement made may be a bit different, but I think it can still work beautifully.  Check out these rooms where accessories are not limited 1 or 2 colors:

Images:  Marie Claire Maison


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Glowing Light

Is it me, or is this Beaux Mansion living room photo over at The Glam Lamb glowing?  The photographer captured an amazing light.

Images:  The Glam Lamb


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Design + Mixr

What a busy weekend it was and it looks as if things are not going to slow down this week!  Over the weekend I must have made over 20 different stops from returning books to the library to having my back adjusted at Chiropractor.  I even stopped at a new flooring shop to check out what they had to offer.  I walked out with 3 boards of samples to take home and evaluate (2 from Shaw and 1 from Mohawk).  All of the samples were commercial carpets in various colors and patterns.  I gravitated to one sample that is neutral in color with lots of cream and grays.  But what’s interesting about this looped carpet is that it’s quite dimensional meaning that the overall look should have lots of texture – not what I would expect out of a commercial carpet.  Of course it was the most expensive one out of the samples I was previewing.  I asked if anything could be done to lower the price and it appears that it will be considered (hey, why not ask.  I have a budget to follow).  He is coming to my house tomorrow for a measurement and to discuss pricing.

This morning, I came came across Designers Guild Tricia Guild’s home.  It just reminds me that I really want to keep the furniture and accessories bright and colorful in my basement…

What awesome chairs above!  Love the orange and green citrus mix.

Images:  Mixr


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Refinshing Furniture

Here we go starting another brand new week!  I apologize for not visiting much last week but it has been very hectic around here (as I’m sure it has been at your place as well).  This weekend I did alot of shopping, but mostly for my enjoyment (hehe!).  For the last few years, our families have decided to buy gifts for kids only.  I think this takes alot of the stress of Christmas shopping off of everyone.  Outside of our family, I like to give small gifts to friends and the people who take care of our family in different ways over the course of the year – like our dog groomers.  We have 2 dogs that become very shy when it’s time to get groomed.  It’s amazing how many rough handling groomers we have come across.  About a year and half ago I found the most gentle loving groomers and I just wanted to tell them “thanks for all that you do”.  The surprise on their face yesterday was priceless!

While out and about shopping, I stopped at a furniture resale shop and fell in love with an old coffee table.  The top was scratched, had crayon marks, and the stain was worn.  I just could not get myself to walk away from it.  This coffee table could be so chic if refinished – not to mention the price was far less than a fill-up at the gas station.  When I brought it home, I saw the look in my husbands eye.  He was skeptical.  I got to work on it right away and have already sanded and put the first coat of paint on it.  It looks awesome!  I L-O-V-E it!  My husband now sees where I”m going with this.  I’ll post a picture of it later this week once it’s finished.  The only thing is that I forgot to take a “before” shot of it.

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Elle Decor Rustic Chic

Good morning friends!  Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was safe and wonderful.  Mine was a mixed bag of emotions.  It was interesting to have Thanksgiving dinner at my house for the first time.  I made the turkey, the dessert, and all of the sides but one.  There was no rushing to get anywhere or worry that we would be late.  But with that came the realization of why it was different this year.

The most enjoyable part of my day (aside from being with my family) was the baking of the turkey.  While the turkey baked, we sat in front of the tv with magazines, newspapers, and books.  I am now almost caught up with all my readings (I’m sure that won’t last as I just ordered more books!).

I also did alot of thinking about rustic chic decor and my bedroom.  I have been contemplating making my own little office in the bedroom and updating the bedspread to a more wintery feel.  And rustic chic decor just feels right!  I imagine a smoky gray bedspread and a white desk with a mid-century chair.  So luck would have it, as I shopped over the weekend, I found the soft smoky gray blanket I was thinking about.  Amazing what a change of a bedspread can do for a room – it feels so very different and wonderful!  Next, I will work on the table and chair to determine if that’s where I really want to go.  Here are the inspiration photos from Elle Decor

Images:  Elle Decor


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Gorgeous Home in Uruguay

I just visited Mixr and was excited when I came across this really beautiful vacation home in Uruguay owned by an Argentinian couple Federico Bonomi and Cynthia Kern.   They originally purchased the 1800’s farm house with the intention of turning it into a hotel.  But during the renovation process, both became so attached to the building that they decided to keep it as one of their homes.

I love the splash of color they use with the sofa and the glam that the chandelier, mirror, and floor lamp add.

Now that’s a huge fireplace!  What a lovely border it has – I wonder how we could get our hands on some of that gorgeous tile?

The dining room chairs (in the photo to the right)  look similar to the two chairs I bought (post) this past spring.

Images:  Mixr

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