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Crafty Luna

I know when I like something, I will go back to it.  I know when I love something, I can’t leave.  Meet Crafty Luna and her line of enticing handmade ceramic tile coasters, napkin rings, and cuff bracelets.  She has been making decoupage ceramic coasters since the Spring of 2009 after unable to find a set she liked.

Her daytime career began as a freelance scenic carpentry and prop builder for various local theatre companies in Atlanta, Georgia.  But due to the lack of steady work, moved on to become an after school counselor where she incorporates arts and crafts.  “We’ve gone from  just playing with the kids and doing coloring pages, to having full on lesson plans where the kids really get a chance to direct their own creativity in many different ways.  I do often show the kids work of other Etsians if I need a good example for inspiration for one of our projects“, says Crafty Luna.  However, in recent months, she has put more focus on her Etsy store after school budget cuts have forced her and other after school counselors back to part-time.  But the 265 + Etsy followers who “heart her shop“, must know she’s on to something.  Here is a tiny taste of what she offers…


I adore this set – look how each tile is slightly different!  How handy is that when trying to figure out which drink belongs to you?

Crafty Luna Collage 3

Various decoupage tile coaster designs – so much to choose from…


Set of wood napkin rings.


Just one of many cuff bracelets that she offers.

When I asked her if she had any plans on expanding her craft or product line, she responded with:

“I have some ideas.  I definitely want to do more dioramas, they’re my favorite things to make.  I dabble in lots of different things, like jewelery, sewing, and photography, though I’m not yet confident enough in my skills to sell any of those things.  And decoupaging is pretty limitless – there’s all sorts of stuff you can glue paper to!”

To view more items Crafty Luna offers, take a look at her Etsy store – I know I will  be keeping an eye on her crafts.  But be forewarned, you may find it difficult to leave!

Images:  Crafty Luna


April 14, 2010   2 Comments

Lauren Saunders

Good Morning!  Hope everyone’s Tuesday has begun with warm sunshine.  Last night we had some much needed rain accompanied by thunder and lightening.  I always feel invigorated after a good heavy storm.  However, the down side is that it is still cloudy outside.  So, to brighten my morning (and maybe yours) I want to talk about Lauren Saunders fabulous line of couture pillows.  All of the pillows are handmade and made to order in her California studio.  They use all natural fibers such as wool, mohair, and cotton – and are generally abstract in design.  I’ve had a really hard time deciding which pillows from her website to showcase below because they are all so beautiful!

Orange Pillow Collage

Bule Green Pillow Collage

Earth Tone Pillow Collage

I am still drooling over these pillows!  Currently, her site is having a Sample Sale with FREE shipping which is making it even more difficult for me to resist buying a few :)

Images: Lauren Saunders


April 6, 2010   3 Comments

Meet Katie Brown

A few years back while flipping through the tv channels, I came across a show that immediately grabbed my attention.  I’m not sure if it was her down to earth carefree approach or simple, yet creative meals and crafts that got me using our DVD recorder for the first time.  Her show was called Next Door with Katie Brown and the host, of course, is Katie Brown!  I am soo glad that I recorded the show because not only do I refer to it from time to time for decorating ideas, but it doesn’t appear to air on tv anymore (and I’ve checked – no DVD either).  Don’t have a copy?  Not to worry.  Instead, she now hosts a show called “Katie Brown Workshop” that airs on PBS which is equally fantastic if not better.   To make things even more exciting, Michigan native Katie Brown announced in her March Newsletter that her work with Meijer stores is set to release a new line of products.  This month she rolls out “gardening tools, colorful candles, and outdoor accessories”.  More products are to be introduced in the upcoming months.  Here is a tiny sample from the Meijer site…




1000947_KBO1085_A_400These wood plant stakes have such fun colors on them.  Wouldn’t they look wonderful in your pots?


Images: Meijer

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