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4 Creative Finds

1.  Oil Paintings by Inapaleplace | 2.  Skeleton Keys Clutch by Allicoate | 3.  Kitty Cat Pendant by Cellsdividing | 4.  Lavender Drawer Liner by Myheartsdesign

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April 23, 2011   No Comments

What I’m Checking Out On Etsy

I am always amazed at what can be found on Etsy.  The other night I started looking at one item which lead me to another and just like an adventure on the yellow brick road I was lost into tons of great finds.  From vintage to couture, there is something for everyone.  Here are some of the items I was checking out…

1.  Flower Girl Print by munieca 2.  Couture Switch Plate by couturelightplates 3.  Vintage 1960’s Drapery Panels by gottagovintage1 4.  Yarn Bowl by JulieKnowlesPottery 5.  Porcelain Leaf Plate by WhiteEarthStudio

Images:  Etsy (see Sellers above)


January 26, 2011   2 Comments

Yarn Wreaths

For years I had a wreath on the front door of our previous home.  It was made of long tree branches shaped into a medium size ringlet.  A little angel with a gingham dress sat inside the wreath and welcomed everyone that came with a smile.   When it came time to take the wreath down for the move, my front door and porch felt so cold and unwelcoming.

My new home needs an inviting wreath for the front porch and I think this one from AnnaHailey is just perfect.  The yarn and felt flowers scream warmth while the initial adds personalization and whimsy. 

Images:  AnnaHailey


September 23, 2010   No Comments

Getaway + Shabby Chic

Hi everyone!  Hope your holiday weekend was safe and enjoyable!  Yesterday, we took the kids and visited Kirk’s Grandmother who is 98 years old.  She stays very positive and continues to be an inspiration for me.  As we talked yesterday, I really wanted to laugh as she described the story of a young woman and her daughters.  The “young woman” was 82.

We also spent the weekend transplanting perennials from our old house to our new home.  Of course we picked the hottest day to do this!  But nevertheless, we filled our car with plants and planted them almost immediately.  Hopefully, they will thrive in their new homes.  There are still so many left – mostly hostas.

With all of our work, we didn’t get much time to rest.  Today will also be a day of running around as we prepare to leave for our trip to Mackinac Island.  We will be leaving tomorrow and won’t return until the end of the week.  I will post when possible but most likely they will be short.  Can’t wait to get to the boat that takes us to the island!

Today I’m loving the elegant mixed with relaxed version of shabby chic design – especially the chic portion.  It has been said that shabby chic design originally started in Great Britain in the large country homes.  Since then the style has emerged into many different forms.  Take a look at these versions…The plum colors in this photo is absolutely divine!  The hats above add the “relaxed” feel to this very fun yet elegant cabinet.

Wouldn’t you love to have this craft space?  I imagine that this work area is tucked in a little quite corner of the house.   But really, what more do you need?  I have a tiny room that holds all of my craft supplies and am so glad to have such a place for my creative things.

What else do you think of when you hear shabby chic?  I think of birdcages and chandeliers.

1.  Digital Art Clip 2.  Art Print Giclee 3.  Chandelier Pillow Case

How about roses?  Roses must be the definition of shabby chic!  Take a look at this stunning turquoise rose necklace

Well, I must go now to prepare for my trip.  I hope to check in soon!

Images:  Rom123, Etsy (See links)


July 5, 2010   No Comments

Pretty in Pink

Summer officially arrived this week!   For me, that means warm weather, fruity frozen drinks, flip flops, blooming flowers, spending time at the beach, and of course, lots of shopping!  Isn’t it wonderful to be a girl?

Visited Etsy and wow, did I come across so many beautiful and luscious items.  I wish I could post all of the wonderful things I came across, but we know that would take far too long.  So here are a few that were memorable…

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  Gourmet Soap, Large Pink Peony Flower, Marimekko Pillow Cover,   Cupcake Pin Cushion, and Cupcake Wrappers.

The gourmet soap was described as “An innocent, fresh, lightly floral, sparkling and fruity blend…” – sounds almost good enough to eat!  The large peony is so natural and would be lovely either pinned in your hair or on a light summery cardigan.  Peonies have to be one of the most gorgeous flowers. Hopefully my transplanted peonies survive and bloom half as nice as the one above (so far no buds!).

I have had cupcakes on my mind this week and by complete accident came across the cupcake wrappers.  These are such a popular choice for adding to the presentation of cupcakes – I would guess that even badly decorated cupcakes would look good!  I really need to utilize the decorating tip I bought this weekend and try my hand at decorating cupcakes.

Images:  Etsy Sellers (see links above)


June 23, 2010   No Comments

Laura Lights

Great lighting is so important in the design of any room.  And when you use beautiful looking fixtures, you have just added icing to the cake.   So when I came across Laura Lights handmade rice paper lamp shades, my heart jumped!  These lamp shades are not only stylish, but their look creates mood.

Just how does Laura make these dreamy shades?  “I start with a white paper called Kinwashi.  I use the “paper mache” method to make my lamp shades, wrap strips of papers around the lamp shade frame and when they dry, it forms a tight drum like structure”, says Laura.

I was also curious as to the amount of time it takes to make one.  Laura says, ” It depends on the complexity of the design, but on average it takes, from start to finish, about 3-4 hours to make one lamp shade.  But you have to consider I can start with as many as 12 and have to work on them in stages.  It’s like pottery, I start with a wet lampshade, have to let it dry and work on it in stages layering it.  While some are drying, I can work on designs for others”. Take a look at the stunning results…

Red Shades

Green Shades

Yellow Pot a Dot


Laura also sells her handmade lamps on Etsy.  Check her shop out under the name lauralights.

Images:  Laura Lights


April 19, 2010   No Comments

Crafty Luna

I know when I like something, I will go back to it.  I know when I love something, I can’t leave.  Meet Crafty Luna and her line of enticing handmade ceramic tile coasters, napkin rings, and cuff bracelets.  She has been making decoupage ceramic coasters since the Spring of 2009 after unable to find a set she liked.

Her daytime career began as a freelance scenic carpentry and prop builder for various local theatre companies in Atlanta, Georgia.  But due to the lack of steady work, moved on to become an after school counselor where she incorporates arts and crafts.  “We’ve gone from  just playing with the kids and doing coloring pages, to having full on lesson plans where the kids really get a chance to direct their own creativity in many different ways.  I do often show the kids work of other Etsians if I need a good example for inspiration for one of our projects“, says Crafty Luna.  However, in recent months, she has put more focus on her Etsy store after school budget cuts have forced her and other after school counselors back to part-time.  But the 265 + Etsy followers who “heart her shop“, must know she’s on to something.  Here is a tiny taste of what she offers…


I adore this set – look how each tile is slightly different!  How handy is that when trying to figure out which drink belongs to you?

Crafty Luna Collage 3

Various decoupage tile coaster designs – so much to choose from…


Set of wood napkin rings.


Just one of many cuff bracelets that she offers.

When I asked her if she had any plans on expanding her craft or product line, she responded with:

“I have some ideas.  I definitely want to do more dioramas, they’re my favorite things to make.  I dabble in lots of different things, like jewelery, sewing, and photography, though I’m not yet confident enough in my skills to sell any of those things.  And decoupaging is pretty limitless – there’s all sorts of stuff you can glue paper to!”

To view more items Crafty Luna offers, take a look at her Etsy store – I know I will  be keeping an eye on her crafts.  But be forewarned, you may find it difficult to leave!

Images:  Crafty Luna

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