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Sandi Henderson Design

I can’t think of a summer where I have worked on so many fabric projects.  Typically, most of my fabric projects happen during the comfy/cozy seasons of Fall and Winter.  But something is different this year and I haven’t quite figured out what (not that it really matters because I have been enjoying myself!).   Do you have a time of the year you tend to work on fabric projects?

One possible reasons my sewing machine is working harder (and needs oiling) this summer is the availability of so many great fabric designs and projects.  Looking for a new fabric project?  Sandi Henderson Design offers some free projects for download (must have Adobe).  One of the options is a fabric pinwheel that looks great placed over a bed or on the wall of a playroom.  Pair up different fabrics and see the magic that forms.

These are some of the fabrics that Sandi designs and offers for sale.  Look how delicious the bright bold colors are!

Images:  Sandi Henderson Design


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Anna French

Anna French has a marvelous collection of fabrics and wallpaper.  She uses classic designs with bold and vibrant colors to achieve a modern feel.  Take a look…

Regal – Ritz Collection.  I love the turquoise color and how it gives this fabric dimension.

Cocktail Fabric – Ritz Collection and Regal Wallpaper from Glamour

Damask Wallpaper from Wild Flora Collection

Velvet Jacquard Wallpaper from Wild Flora Collection

Images:  Anna French


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Carolyn Quartermaine

The sun is out and pouring sunshine through all my windows – which I’m noticing really need a wash from all of the elements that have encountered them the last 6 months.  The sun gives me such a positive and energizing feeling especially when its present in the morning.  So today I want to explore Carolyn Quartermaine’s gorgeous fabrics because it too is energizing!  Carolyn is a British artist and designer who has been featured in such magazines as Elle Interior, Vogue Living, and Marie Claire Maison.

Table and Chair

Her fabrics are ever so colorful and bright.  She was quoted in Elle Decoration UK that she likes her “…colours to be modern and fresh“.

Script Fabric 2

She has a wonderful line of Script fabric.  I’m not sure why I’m so attracted to it – maybe its because of the swirls in the lettering.

Modern Lace Collection

This is from her Modern Lace collection.  So pretty and clean!

Kitchen Table

Bed with Blue Cover

Her website at this time does not support online orders.  However, I did contact the people over at Carolyn Quartermaine and asked how one would go about placing an order.  Their response was to please email inquiries at info@carolynquartermaine.com. They like “to work directly with everyone and ship daily from the UK where  all the collections are held“.

Images:  Carolyn Quartermain, Elle Decoration UK


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Amy Butler’s Spring 2010 LOVE Fabric Collection

Another week gone by and so I begin to plan what needs to be done over the weekend.   I start my list with: 1.  Need to transplant flowers  2.  Wash the outside of the windows  3.   Return library books  4.  Go grocery shopping – and as I furiously whip up my list, the phone rings.  It’s my mom and she wants to take my girls for a day this weekend so that I can have some time just to myself.  As I listen to her offer, I realize that I have not had a full day to myself in nearly 4 months.  What’s even crazier is that I can’t think of what to do!   Should I take a nap?   Go shopping?  Watch a movie?  All of it seemed so….unusual.  That’s the best word I can come up with that describes me doing anything by myself.  With small kids, having a moment alone is almost impossible.  But regardless of how strange or unnatural it may feel,  I’m not going to pass up on this offer!

Before I sign off for the weekend,  I wanted to share with you Amy Butler’s newest fabric collection called Love.  If you haven’t had a chance to meet Amy and you love to sew like I do, check her out.  She has tons of great fabrics and even offers many free patterns to download on her site.  Her fabrics have such a floral feel and are vintage inspired.  Take a look…

Fabric 1

Fabrics 4

Fabrics 2

Fabric 5 and 6Fabrics 3

Her product line includes not only fabrics, but stationary, wrapping paper, and wall art just to name a few.  The photography showcasing her products is so gorgeous and all done by her husband David.

Well, off I go to finish up some errands and then figure out what I’m going to do with “just to myself day”.  See you next week!

Images:  Amy Butler

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