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Lonny Mag Announcement

I’ve been feeling kinda down today as I found out a very good friend of mine’s dad isn’t doing so well.  He’s been having issues with his health for quite sometime and well, things took another down turn.  To make matters worse, my friend is in the hospital with pneumonia and can’t even visit his dad for fear of passing the illness to his father.  I wish them both a speedy recovery.

On a lighter note, have you heard the latest news?  You may have noticed that online magazine Lonny hasn’t published an issue yet this year.  They just recently announced that beginning in May, they will begin to publish issues on a monthly basis instead of bi-monthly.  Woo hoo!

However, you won’t have to wait until May to read about the latest in home decor and fashion trends.  On March 10 they will release the last bi-monthly issue.

Images:  Lonny Mag


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Traditional Home e-Mag

Traditional Home magazine has partnered with Lonny magazine and has launched a new e-mag called TRAD Home.  Be prepared to spend some time with this issue – it’s a huge one with over 300 pages of goodness!  I love that more and more people and companies are publishing free magazines.  There are so many I follow that I now have a link to keep them all in one place (you may have noticed it on the right side of my website below Upcoming Shows).

Images:  TRAD Home Magazine


May 10, 2011   1 Comment

Happy St. Valentine’s + 79 Ideas

On Friday night my husband and I had our “Valentine’s” dinner.  It was carryout from a local restaurant and we were able to eat and have a quite conversation while our girls napped.  It was most wonderful!  Early on in our relationship we decided that we would not buy anything for each other on Valentine’s or  Sweetest Day.   Instead, we show our admiration for each other over the course of the year by doing something at random when the moment moves us.  My husband is much better at this than I am (probably because I am much easier to buy for!).  I can remember years ago talking to him on the phone about what an awful day I was having.  Everything just seemed to be going the wrong way and I was really down.  That night after work, he showed up with flowers and some chocolate.  Other times, he may come across something he thinks I would enjoy and surprises me with it.

If you looking for some visual stimulation this Valentine’s Day, check out 79 Ideas e-mag.  The site (which includes her blog) is ran by Graphic Designer, Radostina, who happens to live in the Czech Republic but is originally from Bulgaria.  Just beautiful work.

Images:  79 Ideas


February 14, 2011   1 Comment

Ivy and Piper

Yet another wonderful interior/design e-magazine  – this time by Australian Founders Melanie and Elizabeth.  Both met at Design College and went on to work as independent Interior Designers.  Years later they met up and began Ivy and Piper – Fashion for the Home.

The magazine has some great advise on arranging your treasures and accessories to add to the personality of your home.  It’s funny that I came across this article because I have been highly considering re-arranging the items in my curio.  While I have been making design and decor changes over the years to my home, this poor curio and its’ contents have really not changed in almost 10 years!  It looks desperate for something different.

I am lusting over the orange chairs above!  Check out the height of the chair at the head of the table in comparison to the others.  Adds such drama (as if the color didn’t already!) – not to mention they look so comfortable and soft.

Images:  Ivy and Piper


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Covet Garden

I’ve continued the search for items on my bedroom list that I mentioned in this post.  I have found it extremely frustrating trying to find item #1 -  Desk Chair.  What’s been difficult is finding a mid-century chair that I like.  Sometimes I find a chair that has the perfect shape and fabric, but sits way too low for a desk chair.  Other times, I find a chair that is the right height but appears beyond help for restoration – seriously, some look really gross.  So back to the drawing board on this one.

In the meantime, I have found a new inspiration in an online decor magazine called Covet Garden.  It features creative people and their actual homes.  I just LOVE it!

Images: Covet Garden


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Inside Out – Annual Decorating Guide

Just got the special annual decorating guide from Inside Out – an Australian published magazine.  If you happen to be a follower of Inside Out, you may be wondering why I’m just now receiving this issue which was published in May.  I generally don’t get my hands on these issues when released because (unfortunately) I don’t have a subscription.  The last time I checked, a subscription in the US was over $140 for 8 issues (yikes!).   However, if I patiently wait a few months, I can usually find them at a discounted price.

This year’s guide focus is on “Renew, Rethink, and Revitalize”.  Renovation also is covered with valuable comments by the Editorial director, Karen McCartney.   She mentions that a friend of hers, who is typically calm and organized, almost had a nervous breakdown over a major home renovation.  Then further adds, “…an architect I interviewed recently said, rather sadly, that there was a high break-up rate among his residential clients …“.  How awful!

This issue offers tons of decorating ideas and wonderful tidbits on renovation and how to avoid certain pitfalls.

I do hope that I get the Christmas Inside Out  issue before the end of January.  Anything after that just becomes a tad out of place.

Images:  House of Many Hues


November 17, 2010   No Comments

Gifted Magazine

More and more online magazines are coming out and Creature Comforts has just released their Gifted Magazine.  It features holiday projects, gift giving guides (even DIY gifts), gift wrapping, decor, and much more!  I’m looking forward to further exploring the projects section.  However, I really need to finish the one’s I’m working on now (a front door yarn wreath and advent calendar).  Back to reading the magazine I go…

Images:  Gifted Magazine


November 10, 2010   No Comments

Lonny Mag Turns One

Happy 1st Birthday Lonny Mag – may there be many more!  You have brought us wonderful articles and gorgeous photos.  I’m always delighted when I receive your email with the latest issue.  Thank you!

Images:  Lonny Mag

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