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Johnny Miller Photography

I have to say that Johnny Miller Photography knows just how to grab the light when taking photo’s of glass bottles and vases.  He has done work for such clients as Target, Martha Stewart, and Kate Spade.

Beautiful glass bottles above.  The lighting makes me think of a summer morning with the sun just starting to rise and you just know it’s going to be a hot day (ok, if that’s not wishing that summer were already here…).

This photo look familiar…I wonder if it was from Martha Stewart Living magazine?

Images:  Johnny Miller Photography


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Kari Herer Photography

How can not one think of Spring when looking at Photographer Kari Herer’s work.  Has me thinking about my garden this year…

Images:  Kari Herer Photography


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Tim Walker Photography

I am ending the week with one of my favorite fashion photographers, Tim Walker.  Born in England in 1970, his work often appears in Vogue magazine amongst others.  His photos are quite playful and ever so captivating.  Be prepared to be intrigued…

Did you enjoy?  I hope so!  I always find myself smiling when looking at Tim’s work .  Well, the weekend is here and I really must get to preparing a plan.  I want to spend lots of time with the kids but somehow need to include time for home chores, grocery shopping, blog work, and so much more!  But I will be back next week and you really must stop by for a visit.  I took a special trip this week and can’t wait to share my experience with you.  Take care!

Images:  wegoodlooking.com, Tim Walker Photography, nowpublic.com, poshsblackbook.com,


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My New Background

My laptop needed some freshening up and so I wanted to change the desktop background.  I’m not sure why, but changing my background always makes everything on my computer feel “new”.  But after owning the laptop for so many years, I think I have gone through all of the Windows options that I liked.  So I got online and came across this gorgeous background and knew it was the “one”.

Just what my computer (and I) needed!

Images:  Elle


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Mark Lund Photography + Happy Weekend

This evening I went to a local nursery in search of light pink peonies.  Being that most peonies have bloomed, the nursery now has them on sale.  I wish to be able to buy lots of these wonderful plants so that I could use the cuttings all summer long to decorate my dinner table – such as the table that photographer Mark Lund has taken below.  I so amazed as to how beautiful his photos are.

This weekend isn’t booked with lots of activity – which is fine with me!  In fact, I hope to spend time with my daughters, casually work on my gardening, and a few light projects around the house.  I may even try to get in an afternoon nap.  I hope your weekend is enjoyable!  Take care and see you next week!

Images:  Mark Lund


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Jackie Rueda Photography

The last few days, my area has been experiencing the “Spring showers” portion of the season.  And so I wake up this morning to a very gloomy looking outdoors.  But today, I don’t really mind because I will be working on perfecting the buttercream recipe for my cake decorating class.

However, the cool and misty morning is getting me off to a slow start, so I decide to take a tour over at Jackie Rueda Photography to get me going.  Jackie is a photographer living in Montreal.  What I really love about her photography is that she uses natural light – no lighting equipment and no flash.





Images:  Jackie Rueda Photography


June 9, 2010   2 Comments

Light Locations Photography

If you have a moment today, I encourage you to visit Light Locations Photography.  The photography features photos of interior design that are just magnificent.  Lots of variety in location and design.  All the photos below were taken at a Victorian home in Herne Hill which is located in London.

Desk with Green Painting

Living Room Green Walls

Couch Pink Rug

Love the hot pink rug!  Our library walls in our house are the same color as above.  I’m thinking a rug like this would look stunning in our library.

Great staircase.  I only wish the photographer got a separate photo of the hanging chandelier.  It looks really unique!

Second Bedroom

Images:  Light Locations


May 13, 2010   1 Comment

Andrea Ferrari Photographer

I came across this beautiful photography by Andrea Ferrari.  Enjoy!


I have to have that couch!  SO beautiful and elegant.  I’m sure its uncomfortable, but who cares!




I’ve fallen in love with this blue/turquoise room.


Images: Andrea Ferrari

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