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Taika Flats by Anthropologie

When I read about these Taika flats from Anthropologie, my heart fluttered!  I have a difficult time wearing any kind of shoe that is super flat with paper thin soles.  When wearing this type of shoe, I seem to feel the “road” beneath me and all of its detail.  So when I read that this flat has a hidden 1wedge (can you do that?) and is handpainted with saturated pigments, I was captivated.  What also adds to the charm of these shoes is the comfy relaxed look.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they are Made in Italy.

Images:  Anthropologie


June 19, 2012   2 Comments


I saw this shoe by Balenciaga yesterday and simply wanted to slip them on and go dancing.  Can you guess why I’m in love?  It can’t be because of the felt ruffles or ocean colors…

Images:  All The Trimmings (via Marie Claire)


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Hair Talk: Oliva

Good morning blog Friends!  I’m sorry I missed you at the end of last week.  Every time I sat down to write, I was pulled away to search for various paperwork that my father’s lawyer needed.  I would have preferred to be here with you instead.  It’s just amazing how much legal stuff needs to be taken care of after someone passes away.  My husbands father passed away almost 2 years ago and he mentioned that it took about 1 year to take care of everything!

But back to blogland.  About a month ago while shopping, I came across hair and skin care products by Oliva.  I must admit that my initial attraction was the minimalist green packaging – but it was further backed when I read it was made of olive leaf extract.  Sounds interesting.  I tried the shampoo and conditioner and it is definitely not what I am use to.  My hair felt so squeaky clean!  I honestly can’t remember the last time my hair felt this clean.  The shampoo seemed to strip away any impurities and build up while the conditioner add light moisture but did not weigh my hair down.  One word of caution – it did take me a little extra time to comb out my wet hair.  I think it was due to the “squeakiness” of each hair.  Somehow I got the impression that this is what washing your hair was suppose to be like.

I purchased the Oliva body lotion as well which is also made with olive leaf extract.  It has a light fragrance and regardless of how much you put on, it seems to absorb and not feel greasy.  I was surprised that the only place online I could find these products was Amazon.  It didn’t appear that even the manufacturer had a website.

Images:  Amazon


October 25, 2010   No Comments

MoMA Store

Cold, wet, rainy.  That’s my description for today’s weather.  It may sound a little crazy, but I kind of liked it.  I’m ready to bring out my Fall gear and put them to use.  I have a few fun umbrella’s and tons of scarfs.  In fact, I may have a slight addition to buying scarfs.  I love the warmth it gives my neck and the ease of accessorizing an outfit with one.  You could be wearing a plain shirt and an even more dull pair of pants – but throw on a fun scarf and suddenly it doesn’t look so blah.  These scarfs and umbrellas from MoMA Store are just my kind of fun!

1.Turquoise Flower Scarf,  2. Blue Dots Scarf,  3. Confetti Scarf,  4. Sky Umbrella,  5. Color Wheel Stick Umbrella.

I’m thinking that it might not be so hard to make #1 and #3.

Image:  MoMA Store


October 13, 2010   1 Comment

Perfume Oils

I’ve had a secret desire for many years to design my own fragrances.  I was so serious and interested about the process that I bought a vintage copy of William Poucher’s out of print book Perfumes, Cosmetics, and Soaps.  Poucher was a chemist who worked for Yardley – which you may have heard of.  He wrote his book in the early 1920’s and is still regarded as an expert by many in today’s industry.  There was only one problem with my interest – I could not tolerate exposure to more than one fragrance at a time.  As soon as I am exposed to two or more fragrances (being it perfume or oils), I start to feel sick.  Can you believe it?  While I have no issues if many different oils are in one mixture, I can’t handle them sitting out individually. Weird.

So when I learned about IslandGirlz over at Etsy, I was excited.  This shop allows you to create custom designed tropical fragrances.  Choose up to 6 different fragrances and IslandGirlz will blend them for you!  She also has a sister shop called Opulent Alchemy that you will want to check out if your in the market for designer inspired perfume oils.

Imgaes:  Opulent Alchemy


August 25, 2010   1 Comment

Chic Pink

When I was a little girl I wanted a fluffy pink tutu.  I wished for one because it seemed bring on magical imagination – not to mention it was all the craze.  My mom decided to make the tutu herself most likely because to buy one was expensive (it was the 80’s).  My mom bought the tulle and off to the sewing machine she went.  Her quality of work was always exceptional and near perfection.  However, tulle wasn’t as affordable as it is today and unfortunately, my tutu lacked the fullness I was looking for.   So instead, I would wear the tutu on my head and  and pretend I had pink “hair”!

When I came across this shabby chic pink skirt sold by baby2bnashville, all of these memories came back.  I think this skirt is absolutely gorgeous and with its nearly 500 yards of tulle, I’m sure it would meet my “fluffiness” standard!

The  skirt is advertised as a “Wedding Portrait Dance Tutu“.  What a beautiful idea!

Images: baby2bnashville


July 13, 2010   No Comments

Tricky Funktion Appearl

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a bit of a girly girl and love all kinds of skirts and dresses.  In fact, you can catch me wearing either almost anytime – including winter.  So, when I came across the below Funktion apparel, I was hooked.  I have always had a special place in my heart for frilly skirts and dresses with sashes.  These were definitely going on my “must have” list.  Then I realized that these were APRONS!  Take a look at how pretty these are…

Aprons Collage 1

Aprons Collage 2One can look stylish in these aprons while making a mess in the kitchen.  I love the top right full apron with pink sash.  I’m so tempted to buy two and sew them together to form a dress!

Images:  Funktion

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