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E is for Elephant

Good Morning Peeps!  The Michigan summer has been rolling along beautifully with weather that I’m certain has never been this warm – at least in my lifetime.  We even had a couple that hit 100 degrees. Yikes!  I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life and can tell you that this is not typical.  Growing up, it was a huge deal when temps would hit over 90.  Last weekend, my daughters and I went to the farmers market and then hit a few yard sales.  On our adventure, I came across a super cute framed picture of “E is for Elephant”.  The frame was made of metal and had a backing made of what old pegboards used to be made of minus all the holes (the name for this material escapes me).   Ok, this is really going to date me, but does anyone remember when there used to be floral paneling?!?  Same material except this is blank.  Between the pegboard material, the heavy white frame, and the large clips holding the picture in, I guesstimated that this was from the 70’s, maybe early 80’s at best.  The glass and frame were a bit dirty but nothing my water vinegar mixture couldn’t clean up.  I bought the piece, put it in my car, and then totally forgot about it until late last night.  I really should have gone to bed, but instead convinced myself it was the perfect time to work on it.

I grab it out of my car, began to take it apart and was a little surprised.  When I removed the backing, I saw what appeared to be blobs of paint on the back of the picture.  Thinking nothing more of this, I continued to take the picture out and clean the glass.  About 3 minutes later, it was time to reassemble everything when to my shock I realized that this was a painting!  All along, I thought that it was some old print.  Immediately I scanned for any hint of the artists name and found the initials slightly hidden in the picture.  MPV or maybe it is MPL – could be either but not much to go on.  Either way, its new home will be in my 2 year old’s bedroom.  Anyone ever seen a similar one before?  Would love to know who’s work it is!

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Massage + Magazines

Hello peeps!  I hope that your week is coming to a wonderful close.  I know mine was rather busy but I did manage to have one day where I spent time on myself.  Not often does it happen that I set time aside with no husband, no kids – just me.  Part of my me day included a massage and what a treat it was.  Danielle, my assigned masseuse, worked on all the knots in my upper back and kept a Zen like atmosphere for me throughout the session.  Her soft words reminded me that it was time to relax and enjoy.  I also managed to hit up a used book sale at my local library and load up on books (even some audio ones), magazines, and CD’s.  Some titles included were Martinis, Food & Home Entertainment Cookbook One, Moving On, some House Beautiful mags, and more.  I’m ashamed to admit that I did also buy Tori Spelling’s latest book.  Stop, I can hear your disappointment and judgments.  I’m not trying to justify the purchase but for some reason when watching her tv show, Tori &Dean, I am continuously intrigued by her candid honesty and the dysfunctional life she leads – just like the rest of us.   Let’s just file this book under ‘Entertainment’, shall we?  Nevertheless, I discovered for the first time that my ‘me’ day was spent 100% guilt free.  This has NEVER happened since having kids.

OH my, do I love the table on the cover of this House Beautiful magazine above.  I think I’ll be curling up with this one tonight – an awesome find at the library for only .25 cents.

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My Secondhand Finds

I don’t believe I’ve shared with you any finds in quite some time and they are starting to add up so I’ll share just a few as to not overwhelm you (or make me look like I need a shopping intervention)!

Forgive me if I’ve shared my chair before  – although, I don’t think I have.  I bought this sturdy chair last summer for my computer desk (I gave up on the Mod one) and just loved it.  I went to a sample sale a few weeks ago and bought fabric for $1 each.  I used one of the fabrics (normally priced at $155 per yard – that was on the tag) to reupholster my chair.  The fabric is a charcoal  tweed with some wool made by  Pollack.  Here is how it came out…

Next, I came across some little finds, but nevertheless just made me happy!  I’m trying to decide which photo to put in the frame (the one in the photo is stock).  But I did find a spot for it – right on my nightstand.

You may feel that my next find is a little more on the pricey side (comparing to the one’s above).  BUT, I could not walk away from this one (actually, I did and then ran back the next morning).  It’s as close to brand new as can be and when I found out that this velvety chair normally retails online for almost $400, the asking price seemed reasonable.

I’ve spent a few Saturday mornings sitting here with kids as I read a story book.  Oh, and get this, the seat cushion lifts up and has built in storage!

BTW, I’m working on my newsletter publication and plan to send it out in the next few weeks.  If  you’ve never received one and are interested, sign up with your email address (top right side of the site).  Have a great evening!

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Pricey Art

Oh my the holidays are almost here and I happen to find a fabulous gift – for our home!  I stopped at one of my favorite 2nd hand stores and by complete chance was captivated by a watercolor painting sitting on top of a huge pile of framed art.  Could it be an original?  I’ve almost been fooled before with watercolor replicas – but not this time.  Not only was this an original watercolor, but it so happen to have information on the back of the frame.

It was sold by the fine arts Birmingham Gallery by John McKinney in Michigan.  According to the handwritten portion, the artist was from Denmark and her name was Ulla Grau.  I was curious as to how old the piece was – my guess put it at either the 50’s or 60’s.  I wanted to know more but wasn’t sure if the art gallery was still around so I did a little research and got more than I was expecting.  The art gallery opened in 1968 and shut down in 1977 after owner John McKinney was violently murdered (case still remains unsolved – for news clippings see here).  As for information on the artist herself, I could find nothing which makes the art that much more mystifying!  The purchase price for this art with original frame – $7.99.

The colors are more vibrant than the picture shows – but it is a watercolor that is aging.  I hung it where there is no direct sunlight and hope it lasts!

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Apothecary Glass Jar + Seashells

Not sure how many of you get home decor catalogs or magazines, but the summer editions I receive lately have been showing lots of glass apothecary jars.  These jars can house soaps, candy, sponges, flowers, fruit -  just about anything you can imagine!  But these jars don’t always come cheaply.  Many of the prices I’ve seen start them at $30 and that doesn’t include the cost of filling it.  So when I came across one at a garage sale filled with seashells, I just had to jump on it.  Take a look…

It stands about 18″ tall and cost $6.  It was worth every penny!

The above apothecary jars are from Pottery Barn and start at $36.

Images:  House of Many Hues, Pottery Barn


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Chic Coffee Table Talk

Well, it’s finally done!  I mentioned in this post last week that I had purchased a vintage chic coffee table to refinish and use in my living room.  Sanding and prepping the table for primer was really quick and easy.  Painting it however, was a different story.  I had purchased a fast drying paint that required any 2nd or 3rd coats to be put on within one hour of the original coat.  Apparently, I missed that instruction and waited nearly 48 hours to apply the 2nd coat -  all along thinking that I was doing a good thing by letting the first coat thoroughly dry.  This is the same process I have used so many times before – just never with fast drying paint.  Well, as I put on the second layer, I noticed that the paint began to wrinkle in a few spots.  I had no clue what was going on so I called the paint company looking for suggestions.  They knew immediately what went wrong and suggested I lightly sand the table again and apply super light coats every 20 minutes until the desired level was achieved.  OMG that took forever!  Nevertheless, I think it came out great.  Take a look…

I wanted to add a pop of color to the table so I decided to line the drawers with some colorful paper I had.  I used matte Mod Podge and layered it over the course of 2 days.

I think this table has lots of character and I’m sure that my kids will “add” more to it over the years!

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Weekend Finds

So a new week with new adventures starts!  My weekend was very productive (in a good way!).   I worked on another recipe – this time a coffee vanilla liqueur.  It was quite easy to make and should be ready in 4 weeks.  I think I’m finding this to be a new hobby of mine and will be looking forward to making more liqueurs – maybe even check out a book from the library.

I am still working on my bedroom and making progress.  I found a desk from my bedroom office and had to jump on it as soon as I saw it.  It’s a parsons table from West Elm that generally runs around $300.  I saw this beauty at the outlet for half the cost and knew this was the one.  It has two drawers in the front and a high gloss finish.  I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out so far.  Here’s how it looks…

Sorry for the dark picture – I snapped it last night.  Oh and ignore the layout of the cables – haven’t had time to organize them.  As for the lamp I am using, it is from the 1940’s that I rewired about 10 years ago.  You cannot believe how heavy this floor lamp is (the base is made of marble).  It’s hard to see in this picture, but it has a white wash on the post.

What I still need:

1.  Desk Chair – I have an idea of what I want (mid-century with hairpin legs), but I think the one I have in mind will be difficult to find.

2. Rug – Looking to place some color in front of the bed.

3.  Headboard, Dresser – I am looking for a farmhouse style frame and have been waiting for a deal (Right now the price for one I’ve been keeping an eye on is $1500).  Patience is key for this one…

4.  Vintage Buffet – Still looking out for this.  It’s been really hard to find one in decent condition that’s reasonably priced.

Images:  House of Many Hues


December 6, 2010   2 Comments

Weekend Finds

Hello Friends!  Hope your weekend was long enough (mine sure wasn’t – I don’t think it ever is!).  I mentioned last Friday that I had a few engagements that happen to fall on the same day.  I decided not to attend either event on Sunday because I really felt that I needed some rest.  One of the events I was to attend was an Art Show.  After some research, I found out that it was going to be held again in a few weeks.  Yeah!  Maybe I will be able to attend then.  I just love looking at what people have created.  I get such a fun, warm, happy feeling when I go to these shows!

On Saturday, I went to a Mom 2 Mom sale in my town.  Never heard of a Mom 2 Mom sale?  Oh, they are sooo wonderful!  Moms bring in gently used items (clothes, toys, books, maternity clothes, you name it) and sell them at discounted prices.  I took my oldest daughter and found some really cute stuff.  One item I immediately fell in love with, was this colorful elephant rocker…

I strictly bought it because it made me happy.  I thought that maybe when my youngest daughter was old enough to ride it, she might take a liking to it.  I had no expectations that my oldest daughter would even care about it, but much to my surprise she loves it.   Lunch was even served with her on the rocker.

What I also found interesting at the sale was a woman that was extremely attached to the items she was selling.  I happen to come across a really cute cardigan (by Oilily) that she had marked $4.50.  It looked brand new and felt really luxurious.  With so many bags in my hand and my daughter at my feet,  I asked her if she would take $4 as I happen to just have that in my hand (I was in no mood to dig for the 0.50 cents in my purse).  Did I mention how crowded these events are?  The woman took a hold of the cardigan and began explaining that she had paid $40 for it and that her daughter never wore it.  I listened patiently, waiting for the answer to my question.  “It’s really hard for me to sell these things…” and on she went.  After a few moments, she said “I can’t go below $4.25″.  OMG!  I set my stuff down, took my purse, and gave her 0.50 cents.  Here’s the cardigan…

As I mentioned last Friday, I have an interview scheduled with artist Talitha Shipman that will be posted this Wednesday.  Stop by to check it out – your gonna love her artwork!

Images:  House of Many Hues

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