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Weekend Finds

I realized the other day that half of the summer was nearly gone.  The strange part?  I’m kind of glad.  I know that may seem odd coming from a person that lives in a State with cold, lengthy winters but I think I’m just looking forward to a little less heat and a lot less humidity.

Every year, the city of Royal Oak (a town about 1/2 hour away from us) has an Antique and Garage Sale in one of its parking structures.  We packed the family up and arrived just in time to see a few trains go by (Kirk is a huge train enthusiast!).  The day was so hot and muggy that the passing of the train created a most needed breeze.

While shopping at the sale, I came across the two cutest ladies.  They had a booth titled, “Two Swedish Girls and a Sewing Machine”.  Many of their products were made of wool and so they gave me lots of ideas for all the felted wool I have.  I wanted to make sure I supported them and their venture and so I bought a really cute wool purse for $10.

I also came across an antique jewelry booth and could not walk away from two silver rings.

The picture just doesn’t do these rings any justice.  They are much more vibrant and beautiful in person (especially the orange stone ring).

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Weekend Finds + Niki Jones

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I had lots of fun going to garage and parking lot sales Saturday and Sunday.  I am always shocked at how many wonderful things can be found for so little money – especially children’s items.  This weekends finds include a J. Jill velvet skirt, hot red Nine West high heals, beaded flip flops, a dusty pink Gap merino sweater with satin side tie, and for DD – Kenneth Cole flip flops, Dora the Explorer sandals, Hello Kitty Fall jacket, a Wubbzy board book, a Baby Einstein DVD just to name a few.  The total cost for these items was under $10!

These are the red high heels I bought – I don’t think they were ever worn.  I am really surprised how comfortable these shoes are.

I also attended my first cake decorating class this weekend.  I have always wanted to sign up but the class hours offered never worked with my schedule.  After sitting through the first class, I see that there is going to be alot of work ahead of us.  But nevertheless, I think it’s going to be fun!   WEEK 1 GOAL – Perfecting the frosting.

Before I check out for the day, I wanted to share Niki Jones beautifully handcrafted home goods.  Many of the pillow covers she offers have a simple design that is “blown” up.  This creates such a dramatic effect!  I also love this bed frame…

Ziad Bed, Suzani Rug

Suzani Cushion Cover

Images:  House of Many Hues, Niki Jones


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Weekend Finds

I hope your weekend was enjoyable and well rested!  As mentioned last Friday, I had plans of hitting an 84 mile long rummage sale over the weekend.  When Saturday morning came, my husband and I got up, loaded the girls in the car, and headed out for the day.  The morning started out a bit cloudy with a light rain shower early afternoon.  But the sun had worked its way through by late afternoon.  While we did not go the entire 84 miles, we did cover 50 miles of it.  And did I come across lots of great finds at amazing prices!  Here are just a few…

Torquoise Chairs 2

When I saw these turquoise chairs, I knew I just had to have them!   At first, I thought of only buying one to put in my daughters room that I am working on.  But quickly my thinking changed and I decided that I could use both chairs – one in each girls room.  Not only that, how sad would it be to break up the pair?  But before deciding where the chairs would go, I needed to inspect each one to make sure they were solid with no issues.  Once everything checked out, I then worked on negotiating the best price.  The final price – $10 for each chair!  This was probably one of my best finds.

Bag 2

I saw this cute handmade bag and loved the shiny colors.  The price – your not going to believe this one – 0.25 cents.


I threw this picture in along with the one below because of all the clothing I bought, these were the cutest!  The price – $1 each.


The other items I bought included children’s board books, a sage wool sweater for felting, lots of toys, a new purse, and a translucent spa caddy that was from Target originally costing $8.99 but was only 0.50 cents at the sale.  We had a great time not only shopping, but stopping at parks along the way so that our oldest daughter could burn some energy.  Can’t wait until next years sale!  But until then, garage sale weather is fast approaching…

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Cute Finds!

I’m going to start off our conversation today with something that has nothing to do with home decor.  In fact, it has nothing to do with a home at all.  I went to my hairstylist yesterday and she told me something that I just can’t seem to get out of my mind.  Being that I was short on time, I mentioned to her that it wouldn’t be necessary to blow dry my hair.  She looked at me and said, “But you have long hairWon’t you get mildew“?   WHAT?   Where would I get mildew?  On my hair?  I have seriously never heard such a thing.  She continued to tell me that some of her clients with long hair, if clipped up while wet, will get mildew and can cause an awful smell.  I told her that as far as I knew, that had never happened to me.  In fact, I rarely ever use a blow dryer on my hair and have found the opposite to be true – it smells better.  Of course, as soon as I got home, I asked my husband if my hair had ever smelled unusual.  Thankfully, he said “No”.  Have you ever heard or experienced something like this?

Alright, on to the actual topic of this post – cute finds.  Here are some of my finds for this week…

Small box

I keep both of my daughters socks in a fabric box on top of their dresser because many times we can go through a few pair in a day.  Plus, I hate having to dig in a drawer for them.  However,  their socks have been getting all mixed up especially when I am in a rush.  I needed something to separate the toddler socks from the baby socks.  I found this cute little decorative box at Target and bought a few.  I put all of the baby socks in these boxes and lined them up against my fabric box.  All of my kids socks are still in the same place but now separated.  The use for these little boxes is endless.  The cost – $1 each.

Oven Mit

Our last oven mitt was used so much that a huge hole formed in it.  Despite the hole, we would still use it and burn the tips of our fingers.  Stupid, isn’t it?  Well, finally I found a cute oven mitt at JoAnn Fabrics.  Our fingertips are wiggling “Thank you“.  The cost – $2.50.

Ikea Light

I was in need of a floor lamp and found one I liked at Ikea.  However, the color of the lamp shade was a little too close to the color of the walls and therefore needed some contrast.  So I mixed up some paint, added water to thin it out, and painted the lamp shade.  Time it took to paint – 15 minutes.  The cost – $19.99.

Computer Cart

This was probably my best and most needed buy.  Prior to purchasing this computer cart, I was using a really awful looking food tray.  It was so small that there was only space for the laptop, a mouse, and maybe a small drinking glass.  But all that aside, the worst thing about my food tray was that it would tip over easily sending my poor laptop flying.  I came across this clearance roll around cart at Target.  Now I can easily move my station around the house and have plenty of space for my drink, magazines, phone, and my dinner.  The cost – $27.98.

Images:  House of Many Hues

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