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“You seemed to have such a large interest in this area.  Are you a professional decorator?”

I do love anything that is related to the home and decorating!  I think the definition of “professional” is some who went to decorating school and is now getting paid to decorate.  My job is on the complete opposite site of the spectrum – I went to Engineering school.

“When did you realize your attraction to decorating?”

I think like most girls, I liked to rearrange my bedroom furniture and play round with how my things were displayed.  But my real interested started when I had a short term job with Mervyn’s department store.  I was lucky enough to see the process of  retail decorating – better known as visual merchandising.  Because retailers must stay current and fresh with their decor,  I have always turned to retail design for inspiration.  In fact, I have some retail fixtures in my house  such as a bench from a hair salon and a glass sign from Victoria’s Secret.   For years, I’ve utilized store closings as opportunity for interesting finds.

“What is your favorite decorating style?”

This is a bit difficult to answer because I love so many different styles!  The exterior design of my house is French Country.  Inside my home is probably best described as eclectic because I mix so many styles.  I think an easier question would be what I don’t really care for.

“What is the biggest decorating mistake you have ever made?”

There are too many to list!  I’m sure that I will make more mistakes, but I believe through most, I’ve learned something.  The top 3 that come to mind are:

1.  When making a purchasing, I really try to think about how much I love the piece and where I’m going to put it.  I can’t tell you how many impulse buys I’ve made and later regretted or bought something beautiful that ended up in a closet because I didn’t have anywhere to put it.

2.  I try to avoid buying “temporary” furniture.  Most times temporary ends up being permanent. I still have some items left from my apartment days that I need to get rid of.

3.  When buying a vintage, antique, or used piece, I stopped buying anything that needs alot of TLC.  I spent a good portion of the 90’s refinishing wood pieces.  Aside from all of the caustic chemicals used, it took up alot of my time that I just don’t have anymore.  Instead, I hold out for a piece in better shape.  Yes, it might cost a bit more, but for me personally, its worth it.

“If you could improve on a design, what would it be?”

I would design a stylish looking halogen floor lamp with a shade.  I think halogens are one of the most beautiful sources of light, yet one of the most ignored design wise.  Generally, halogen floor lamps still have the “outer space” disk in black or white.  I have looked high and low for an affordable and beautiful halogen floor lamp and came up with nothing.  I know that they got a bad rap a few years ago as fire starters, but I don’t think we should give up on them.  Stoves and furnaces can also be a source of fire, but we still use them on a daily basis.